Friendly Fire

Behind the barrier from where i hid i could clearly see the enemy lines, I use my palm to wipe the sweat trickling down my forehead as i think of how i can get my team and i to safety. There’s only one place that is safe and getting to it is not easy considering it is way beyond the enemy line. This is war and in war we fight to the death. I cock my gun as i contemplate on how this will play out. we cant lose, theres no chance in hell that we lose. with my back on the barrier i take a deep breathe and  go over the plan of action. From where we are i can see our enemies looking at us as if daring us to cross that line and get to safety.

“Cover me as i run and take over their base .The rest ,take position on a higher ground and protect our base. Don’t let them get to us before we do. remember , we have limited bullets so don’t shoot unless you have a clear visual on the enemy..”  I yell at my mates from behind my mask.As i say this am cut short by a shrill sound. Thats our cue, we need to take battle position.

Everybody is sprinting out into the open field trying to get to the nearest barrier to take cover. WE NEED TO WIN THIS BATTLE. i mutter under my breathe. The deafening sound of a gunshot fills the air..oh this is real. The loud cracking that follows reverberates in my ears and rings far beyond the war zone. Bullets are flying everywhere, people are running and screaming commands in every direction. “Lets push forward” I signal my team. I survey our surrounding spot two guys from the opposing side. Their sniper is strategically placed on higher ground than we are, eyes like a hawk waiting to sense movement on the field from our side. we need to take him out if we ought to have a chance in victory. I aim at him and say a little prayer as i take the shot. Head shot . “Man down.. I repeat man down! return to base” the leader says and i can sense the despair in his voice. The adrenalin is over the top and i  cant help what i do next. I cue my mates to cover me as i dash into the open field heading straight to their base. Its much easier without their sniper in place. well, not as easy as i make it sound considering the number of bullets from every direction flying in the air.

I swiftly dash to the next checkpoint manoeuvring my way though the line of fire, Now this was hostile fire ; “The only way we were going to capture their base was if we had a distraction” I thought to myself.  On a stealth stance behind a barrier i look behind and point two fingers to my left, without wasting any time two of my men flank the enemy with heavy fire to the left, the coupe de main had the enemy seize fire, I knew this was the time i had waited for my whole life, head low, i dart toward the enemy lines, shooting my way to their base, “Hurraaaaah! i shout out loud to the top of my lungs accompanied with some celebratory fire, i wave the enemies flag up the air. “Prrrrrrtttt goes the the referee’s whistle  we had won the paintball tournament…

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