Listening to my grandmother speak is like walking down memory lane, a journey through her life over nine decades, a time of great difficulty and bondage and yet ultimate joy at last.

My grandmother lived in a pre-European world. The way of living then required them to be resilient in every way.At the time of my father’s birth, the settlers received title deeds  to most of the land  in areas where they preferred to settle, near emerging city centres or regions that seemed promising.

To consolidate  their hold on their new territories in Kenya during the first decade and half of the twentieth century the European governments encouraged people of European decent to come to Kenya.Before you knew it the British had ensured that native communities had been restricted to areas known as the native reserves. At this time my father was a young boy, With comparison to how my grandmother described him as skinny fella, Every time i think of him, his robust shadow clouds my vision.Many years laters he and many others liberated the country from the hands of the European settlers.

Its clear he was curved out of hardship, pushed to the edge of survival,The human instinct to survive is our powerful  drive. Since animals climbed out of the primordial muck and our early ancestors rose from all fours to walk upright,Evolution has been guided by its ability to help us survive.

The Est.1963 Emblem was modelled as symbol of a free world, a free Kenya, when Kenya got independent.This emblem is a tribute to all our unsung fallen heroes and heroines,It is a reminder of the kind of leverage we have on the power of using our survival instincts to overcome challenges, they say mountains don’t get any taller…



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